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The author was diagnosed with Smoldering Systemic Mastocytosis in 2013. He lived in West Texas but saw a doctor in Austin who told him he would never meet another patient or see a doctor who knew of the condition. He could find two websites online and one Facebook group regarding the condition. We’ve come far in the decade since and now we need a plan to work together and ensure new patients have easy access to all information online.

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The amount of mast cell knowledge online is exploding in many languages with research being conducted across the globe. Take a look at what we are prioritizing, and what we plan to catalog in the future.

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As a reminder, I have two blogs here. This one for dry web updates, and another as my personal blog with emotions. This blog serves as a changelog.

Today I’ve made the following changes:

  • I’ve overhauled the website to a dark theme. This is much easier on my eyes, and I suspect the eyes of most patients.
  • I’ve fixed the issue of mobile versions of the website not showing any updates. The website is now fully mobile first and each update applies to all views.
  • The website currently supports: Smart Phones, Tablets, HD monitors, and 4k Monitors. The 4K version will be served to TVs and other large format screens.
  • I’ve finished a style guide.
  • I’ve updated the hero imagine from an extremely bright white image to a basic black image.
  • Created and finished a page titled “Disclaimers and Privacy Policy” to ensure all essential information is on one page. I detailed this with potential plans for affiliate links and some revenue generation to allow for the website to pay for itself, and if things go well perhaps a small bit of profit.
  • Added a small medical disclaimer on the footer of every page.

I am still struggling with:

  • Putting together blocks into patterns into template parts into whatever else is needed to create dynamic pages that update automatically with data stored with the PODS plugin. I am attempting to complete the website without paying for any plugins or extras.
  • Creating decent graphics. This will take some time to learn, and I plan to ask friends who do this for a living to assist with a few graphics to start with.

Thank you all for your support as I learn how to complete this website. It will continue to take time, but I am excited to watch it grow.

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