Quick Updates


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to make any updates to this website. My health has been rather poor lately. But I have some good news! Today, 4OCT23, my health insurance has officially approved my prior authorization for Avapritinib, the first TKI approved specifically for Mast Cell Diseases. Many people showed a significant improvement of symptoms on this medication, and I hope to start it within the next two weeks. It’ll likely take a few weeks after that to take full affect, but after that I hope to have much more time and energy to work here.

Changelog today:

Updated three images on the homepage
Updated the footer
Updated the template for “resources”
Updated the SEO for “resources”

This is still a learning project for me and while I’ve learned a lot, I’ve mostly learned that I still have more to learn. Here’s to getting a working project by years end.

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